How to order keys
There are 3 easy ways to order your new Bad Ass Key.
Option #1
Send us your original factory key code with your payment and we cut the key
FREE! That's a $30.00 value included FREE  with your order.
Option #2
(If there is no code available)
Send us a Good Working spare copy of your original key. (You will get this
key back with your order)
 We transfer the cuts to your new Bad Ass Key
and return ship within 24 hours.
This guarantees accuracy.
You can take your new Bad Ass Key to your local locksmith and have them
add the cuts for a few bucks.
Special Note: Some keys ordered must be cut prior to final fabrication, Due to
the fact the new key may not fit onto a duplication machine.
These keys are
noted in their respected ads.
Option #3
Helpful Tips:
Most key codes are written into the original owners manual. They are also
located stamped onto the ignition, but cannot be seen unless ignition is
Some are found on the blade of the original factory cut key. The original keys
should have come with a small metal tag with the key code.
A few have been known to be found on the underside of the gas cap.
Most dealers will release the code to you provided you show the title.
All credit card
orders securely
processed by:
Money orders now accepted, please
contact us for instructions.
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